The Refined Story provides communications consulting
with an emphasis on customer-focused content…

…but something new is afoot. The Refined Story has found Virtual Reality, and the world of education will never be the same again.
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How do you tell your story?

Facts and figures illustrate your success, but how do you distill the numbers to connect on an emotional level? Let The Refined Story help you.

Lead with content

You’re the experts at what you do. We turn that expertise into knowledge. So when the world seeks answers, it comes to you.

Understand your assets

The Refined Story’s content strategy experts work with you to grasp what you have and make it perform better—by focusing on your customers.

Put your audience first

The best communication means nothing if your customers never see it. We make your content relevant and distribute it strategically.

Stop Writing Crap!

Yes, we’re talking to you.

The Refined Story’s founder and principal, Joel Magalnick, comes to your business so you and your staff can become better writers.

Three hours. Loads of fun. Customized to feel your pain.

Here’s what one of our clients had to say about the class:

“I really appreciate that Joel listened to my goals in advance of the course, reviewed our site and content, and created a session directly relevant to our skill gaps (and even highlighted our strengths!). He created a collaborative atmosphere, which made the sometimes-daunting task of editing our own writing fun and interesting.  I recommend working with Joel to take your team’s content (no matter what level you’re currently at) to a better skill level. “
— Alyssa Thornley, TransACT Communications

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Have The Refined Story help you:

• Become better writers in less than a day!
• Use your content as a sales tool
• Create digital and content strategies for your brand’s newsroom (or help you create a newsroom!)
• Think through and build your user experience model 
Reach out to us today to increase your engagements, your leads, and your bottom line!


Joel MagalnickCompany founder Joel Magalnick had a vision: he wanted to make businesses—small ones in particular— better by teaching them how to tell their story. Long before he’d heard the terms Content Strategy or Content Marketing, the former journalist and news editor had this idea that he could provide the glue that bonded together the way stories were told and the stories themselves. By throwing the thoughtful practice of User Experience Design into the mix, The Refined Story was born.

Jill ReddishJillian  Reddish comes to The Refined Story as a published writer with wide communications and digital strategy experience. Having arrived in Seattle in 2014 to earn a master’s in communication at the University of Washington, today Jill has expanded her knowledge of storytelling, publishing, and business development.

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