What We Do

We work with our clients in many different ways. Some want communications and content help. Others want WordPress. Some want the full meal deal. Here’s what we do and how we do it:

User Research

You have one opinion of how your site should be. I have another. But the people we should really ask are the ones who use it.
The Refined Story talks to stakeholders, customers, and other users about how they see the site best works for them.

Content Audits and Strategy

Like basement closets and your desk (well, my desk), websites accumulate clutter. Or sometimes, the message is right but the delivery is wrong, and the intended audiences never finds it.
The Refined Story plucks pages and paragraphs to ensure that all site content is up to date, then creates systems to ensure things stay that way.

User Experience Design

Before a site gets built, it makes sense to put deep thought into where all of the parts go, from the menus and navigation to the placement of pictures, text, and calls to action on each page.
We work with clients and users to put each pixel to its best use, both on desktop computers and mobile devices.

WordPress Site Build

Clients small and large rely upon the power of WordPress for its flexibility, its community of developers, and the security of a system that powers so much of the Internet.
The Refined Story has spent many years building and updating WordPress sites with customizations and troubleshooting as well.